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iLearnReliability content is designed to meet both the needs of plant who is implementing a complete reliability improvement solution and the needs of a reliability professional who wants to increase his knowledge and prepare to become certified in reliability.


“Essential Elements” are brief modules of approximately one hour each. These modules provide the streamlined knowledge that you need for initial orientation on all of the topics, and for later refresher training.

“Program Management Training” modules which go into much greater depth. These modules teach you what you need to know if you intend to lead or substantially contribute to, a successful asset management and reliability improvement program.

“Manager Briefings” are designed for senior management and others who wish to understand the “big picture” of asset management, risk management, reliability improvement, and the business case for reliability improvement. They are short and focused.

“Skills Training” modules provide a high level of knowledge in vibration analysis, shaft alignment and rotor balancing.

“Toolbox Talks” are designed for “plant floor” craftspeople, electricians and operators, and other people who need a down to earth explanation of why reliability improvement, and condition monitoring are important, and how each of the precision skills and condition monitoring technologies contribute to the equipment reliability.

Plant Engineering Product of the Year 2013

iLearnReliability received the Plant Engineering 2013 Product of the Year GOLD Award.

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