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Certification & Renewal Process


To learn more about our accreditation and the value of being certified by Mobius Institute, download our eBook titled "Mobius Institute - Vibration Analyst CERTIFICATION GUIDE" by Roberta Clark

Renewing Your Certification

Per ISO 18436-1, vibration analyst certification is valid for a period of 5 years. You are able to renew your certification if you can provide verifiable evidence of continued satisfactory work activity in the field of vibration analysis without significant interruption. Upon your renewal we will send you a new Certificate showing your new expiry date and your name will be listed on the Mobius Institute website list of certified analysts for a further 5 years.

To renew your certification, please complete the Renewal Application and the Certified Analyst Code of Ethics Agreement. The forms must be sent to Roberta Clark, Certification Manager, Mobius Institute. The fee for certification renewal is US $250. We can accept credit card, PayPal or bank wire transfer as per the details on the application form.

If you are a current CAT I or CAT II Certified Vibration Analyst, you may want to consider certification at a higher category as an alternative to renewal. Your new certification is valid for five years. If you choose not to renew, your certification will become invalid on the expiry date and your name will be removed from the Mobius Institute website list of certified analysts.

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Download Certified Analyst Code of Ethics Agreement Form

Download Renewal Application Form


Please download and complete the forms above. Email the completed forms as attachments to Roberta Clark, Mobius Institute Certification Manager at

You may purchase your certification renewal from our online store. Click here to go to our storefront, and find your respective ISO Category level and select "Certification Renewal...".

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